The journey from weeds to items that people cannot do without- Useful and friendly grass straws

1. The introduction of grass straws

Statistics from the Association for Ocean Conservation show that Vietnam is one of the five countries with the largest amount of plastic waste discharged into the ocean. And among those plastic things, plastic straws are a huge disaster. Therefore, the introduction of grass straws is considered a smart solution that many people trust and choose.

Grass straws are straws made from grass for the purpose of protecting the environment. The introduction of grass straws is really the solution used by many cafes, restaurants, etc. Grass straws  not only helps protect human health but also helps protect the natural environment effectively.

Grass straws are made from eagle grass, a plant commonly grown in the Mekong Delta. Eagle grass has a hollow stem and a length of 1.5m to 2m, so it is easy to apply in production. The hollow body makes the processing of the hollow core less labor intensive, but still ensures very good water and food absorption. The length of the grass is suitable for the production of the standard length of the straw which is 20cm.